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Provillus vs Procerin

Provillus vs. Procerin

Hair loss is a major problem if the loss occurs and hairs do not regenerate in the place of the lost hairs. This will lead to baldness which will affect a person both physically and psychologically. There are many products available in the market which can be used for stopping the problem of hair fall and helping in the process of regenerating hairs.

Presently the most sought after products for stopping hair fall and increasing hair growth is Provillus and Procerin. But the best amongst the two is Provillus which has been proved by many of the users of this product.

Details of Provillus

ProvillusThe most important thing that is required while treating hair loss is to block the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the scalp. This DHT has to be stopped as it has the tendency to get attached to the follicle of the hairs and stop the growth of the hairs.

Provillus does the work of blocking the DHT without causing any harmful effect to the testosterone. This way the hair growth is regenerated and the effects of the falling hair are minimized. This clearly means that the hair growth will restart without affecting the sexual efficiency. Moreover Provillus has another important element in it which is known as Minoxidil.

This is a product which has the approval of FDA and has shown positive result in helping the hairs to regenerate in the places where the hair growth had stopped completely. Minoxidil is used with the topical product that is provided with Provillus.

Details of Procerin

ProcerinProcerin also works in the same procedure as Provillus that is it blocks the DHT on the scalp so that it does not get attached to the hair follicle and stops the growth of new hairs in the place of hairs that have fallen.

Procerin does not have any adverse effect on testosterone so it does not affect the sexual life of a person. But Procerin does not contain the most important product that is Minoxidil which helps in the process of regenerating natural hair on the scalp.

Provillus vs. Procerin

Both Provillus and Procerin are hair loss treatment that is mainly useful for men. Both the products contain magnesium, zinc sulfate, gotu kula, vitamin B6 and other natural products which are used for hair growth.

But when the review of the consumers were taken it was found that Provillus is more effective and preferred by most of the users as it contains an extra product Minoxidil which has shown positive results by helping in the growth of the natural hair and people have experienced thicker growth of hair on their whole scalp.

Thus on the whole it has been proved with the help of reviews and feedbacks that Provillus is better product than Procerin for treating hair fall problem in men. By using Provillus men have experienced that their hairs have stopped falling and new hairs have grown in the places where there was no growth of hair due to which the hairline was receding.

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