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Is Provillus a scam

“Is Provillus a scam?”

Is Provillus, a scam? This is a very good question and this questions is been in the people’s mind for a long time and before purchasing Provillus, you have to ask this question. Before buying it, if you do little research online, you will be able to some people claiming that they are not true at all. These people claim that hair will not re-grow within a week or hair will not grow in the place where there is no hair follicles, etc.

If you have read any of the provillus scams, you will be able to find that they might not have used the products for long time and they might have claimed as scams because the product might not have worked for them in a week’s time. People do not go bald in overnight and likewise even the hair re-growth products will not give instant results buy they have to be used for atleast six months.

The fact is that, most of these kind of products that are available in the market will take anywhere between three to six month before getting any results. Just like any other hair products, provillus will work really great for few men but not for all. Each person have different chemical formation, different eating habits and all these things have effect on how the products will work on the person’s system.

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Just like any other hair re-growth systems, provillus will work better in Vertex portion of scalp and if you have the receding hair line, then it might not work in that specific area at all. At the receding hair lines, usually, the hair follicles will not be present for simulation. If at all you have noticed that your hairline is receding, then you can start using provillus in order to make the hair thicker and also helps to keep it alive before everything is gone.

You have to stop the thinning of hair and make the hair thicker in order to keep the hair that you have, then you can start using the provillus so that you can control the hairline receding. The things used in provillus include specially chosen minerals, vitamins and herbs that support the growth of healthy hair and it also has Minoxidil.

It is used as topical ingredient and is clinically proven to help the re-growth of hair. It is a blood vessel dilator and it has the properties of anti-androgen. When you see the provillus scam for the next time, you have to read it carefully and check whether the person used the product thoroughly or not by following the instructions that are given along with the product.

Remember that, provillus just like any other hair re-growth systems do not work on everybody and the only way to know the effectiveness of this product, you have to use this product personally. This product should not be used in the places where there is no hair for years. Use in other places to get positive results.

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