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Causes of hair loss in women

Causes of hair loss in women

If you think that men are the only ones who experience the problem of hair loss, then think again. Even women from all over the world experience hair loss, and there are many factors that lead to it. An estimated 25 million women in the United States are suffering from hair loss. Though it is not as common as in men, hair loss for women is still an increasing concern.

Why does hair loss happen in the female population? What could be the factors behind it? For one thing, in the same manner that baldness can run in males in the family, so does female pattern baldness. This characteristic is hereditary, and it can be possible for a woman to inherit the trait from her father with the hair loss gene.

Aside from heredity or genetic factors, other causes of hair loss in women involve their lifestyles. In most instances, women who are often stressed or subject to emotional or mental strain are prone to hair loss or alopecia.

For this reason, many women are advised to avoid stressful situations, to get enough sleep and rest, and observe a healthier diet to keep their overall health. In the same way, hair loss in women can be avoided.

Even the way they treat their hair can lead to hair damage and even hair loss. In a September 2000 issue of the Archives of Dermatology journal, a report stated that a nationwide outbreak of hair loss in both men and women were found to be caused by a chemical hair relaxing product. In the survey done, thousands reported hair loss as well as abnormal growth of hair after using the product.

Hair loss in women can also be highly correlated with the levels of hormones in the body. In certain stages of a woman’s life, such as pregnancy or pre-menopause, the levels of female reproductive hormones are very high.

Though it is not common, pregnant women may be prone to thinning of hair or even hair loss. For women above the age of 40, and for those who are nearing the menopausal age, there is a higher possibility of experiencing hair loss.

With all these known causes of hair loss discussed, what then are the alternatives for women who want to restore their hair growth? There are now many methods that can be employed, some of them more costly than others. If you would examine many cosmetic procedures today, you will find that hair transplantation is a treatment that is made available to both men and women.

There are also herbal supplements that help control hormone levels so that hair loss can be avoided. On another note, more products for hair care like shampoos and hair tonics are made to prevent hair damage and to reduce hair loss.

Before you decide to purchase any product or undergo a treatment for hair loss, ensure that you consult your doctor beforehand. This helps prevent the occurrence of side effects or further damaging your hair.

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